Help Keep the Inner Harbor Carousel in Baltimore!

5/22/2012 Update: Knightco Carousels would like to officially thank all of our supporters whom reached out to sign our petition, shared their stories, wrote to the BDC and in general showed their support for the desire to keep our Carousel spinning at the Inner Harbor. We regret to report that we disassembled the Carousel and removed it from the Inner Harbor on March 31st. And while our efforts through today may not have resulted in operations at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, we are eager to ensure that this rare and unique attraction spins once again for the enjoyment of the children it was designed to thrill. We have a number of other opportunities to pursue and we will be certain to post status on our next steps once they firm up -- likely not for the 2012 season however.

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For the past 31 years, the Inner Harbor Carousel has been providing a family-friendly, low cost attraction for kids and adults who visit the Inner Harbor. We are sad to announce that we have just been notified that we are to shut down operations effective this February and remove the Carousel from its location by the end of March.

The Carousel ownership has been working with the city of Baltimore for many years and has submitted many proposals to both preserve and enhance the look and feel of the Carousel as well as add additional low cost attractions to our Baltimore visitors and local communities. We'd love to see more life added to the Inner Harbor. More tax revenue flying into the city. More family friendly, affordable attractions; cleaner bathrooms, more security and cheaper parking. More attractions would undoubtedly benefit our sea port and our community. But the answer to revitalization does not lie in erasing a part of our history. Our Inner Harbor needs more attractions, not less.


Our community needs family-friendly amenities that complement our historic culture. At $2.00 a ride it is cheaper than a bottle of water on the promenade. Our riders are of all ages and ethnicities. Who can resist the nostalgia of a Carousel? We were excited at the opportunity to work with the city on bringing new attractions to the area. And while we have been unsuccessful in our attempts, we are committed to this effort and to the residents of Baltimore.

Please help us in our efforts to stay in Baltimore by signing this petition and reaching out to your city representatives! We don't want Baltimore to lose this rare and unique American art form and risk losing a part of our history and community.

Thank you for showing your support!

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Richard Knight - phone: (443)421-0331, email: rknight309 at

1906 Herschell-Spillman Carousel Background

The IHC is a Herschell-Spillman Engineering portable Carousel cited 1906. The Carousel's menagerie animals include a pair of pigs, dogs, frogs, 4 roosters, 4 zebras, 16 horses and 2 chariots. It has the original transmission and wooden clutch. The machine is one of three 16 sweep 40' Carousel's ever produced. Only two of these types of machines are left in existence.

The carousel was located in Cheektowaga, NY, from 1906-1956. Then it was bought by one of the original carvers of the carousel to restore in his retirement. He unfortunately became too ill to do the restoration and the machine was put into storage for 20 years. Jon and Barbara Abbott of Clarkston, Michigan and daughters, Karee and Kellie, restored this beautiful 28 animal, two chariots, carousel in 1976 as a family bicentennial project. The carousel was then sold to Richard Knight of Columbia Maryland in 1981 and installed in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The Carousel has been a part of the Inner Harbor for 31 years and is currently located between the Maryland Science Center and Rash Field.